Andra Gabrielle CUSTOM CLOTHING                                              
Choose the shapes, textiles, colors, details for pieces made by hand for your
individual style. Skirts, dresses, suits, blouses jackets, coats, lingerie & scarves

 each individually cut & made by hand. 
The collections have been featured in

editorial pages, films & novels.
 "The pieces may evoke Victorian finery, but their simple soft shapes, subtle color variations, & clean silhouettes make them
thoroughly modern. Although the client list is kept private, it includes a growing number of international celebrities, artists, models
actresses. Her design studio, workrooms, & a private garden courtyard are located in the historic district of Chelsea, in New York City."
“We looked at every piece of lingerie on both coasts, and there is nothing else like Andra Gabrielle's work. 
declares Susie DeSanto, the costume designer for What Lies Beneath starring Michelle Pfeiffer. 
That's a testimony to the stitching and embroidery that goes into the lingerie and evening wear by designer Andra Gabrielle." 
Andra Gabrielle Visit by appointment
"In America, the only other place you're likely to find such handwork is in the

antique textiles department of a museum. Her evening wear, blouses, and night

      gowns incorporate exquisite details: minuscule silk ribbon flowers, Lilliputian

 antique beads and buttons, and gossamer thin embroidery."