Andra Gabrielle CUSTOM CLOTHING                                              
Individual silk scarf designs from Japanese roketsu, meisen, shibori, kasuri textiles with hand beaded details.
Roketsu textiles use a wax-resist dyeing method applied by hand or stencil. Kasuri and meisen textiles
are fabricated by weaving pre-dyed threads, utilizing the tie-and-resist ikat technique.
Shibori effects are achieved by stitching, folding, clamping, pole wrapping or binding the cloth before dyeing. 
Vintage and modern woven textiles from Japan, France, England, and Italy are included.
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The glass beading designs can be traced to studies of color variations in Greek vases, ancient glass bottles and other influences. 
"Gabrielle compiles her watercolors, drawings, Japanese stencils, thread swatches and her own photo studies

of budding plants into presentation books to explain how much effort goes into these creations." 
Blush silk cherry blossom with plum - Silk butterflies with satin & pearls.

Appreciated for their beauty and luxury, silk textiles originated in China about 5,000 years ago.
Clothing can silently express cultural codes.

The motifs can communicate the belief in the literal, as well as the figurative, power of images. 

YABANE 矢 羽  A warriors symbol

A stylized arrow feather, is one of the most ancient textile design images. 
The image is a talisman in Buddhist tradition with the power to ward off evil.

Garments in the collection are unique single designs.